Read Some of Kasdan’s Original Handwritten Empire Script Pages

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ZZ3E9DD3371[1]Writing scripts longhand and on paper is a bit of a lost art form these days. The personal computer age seems to have changed everything, much like the mobile industry seems to be changing life yet again right before out eyes. So it’s always fun to look back on the old days from time to time.


The Empire Strikes Back – First Draft by Leigh Brackett (Transcript)

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Download: The Empire Strikes Back – Scanned First Draft by Leigh Brackett (PDF)

Download: The Empire Strikes Back – First Draft by Leigh Brackett (transcript)

STAR WARS sequel





Notes on the transcription:

  • Italics represent handwritten lines in the script or in the margins

The Luke Starkiller Sourcebook

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The Luke Starkiller Sourcebook
By Brendon Wahlberg

This mini-sourcebook contains background material from the Second Draft of Star Wars, supplemented with selected material from the first draft, both of which were written by George Lucas. This sourcebook was written in preparation for my sequel to the Lucas script, “Princess of Ondos“. This sourcebook details the major characters, planets, and factions of this early version of Lucas’ Star Wars universe. This information is based entirely on the work of George Lucas. –Brendon Wahlberg


Summary of the Original Script of “The Star Wars”

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The Adventures of the Starkiller
Episode One: The Star Wars
by George Lucas

Summary of the Script

This summary describes the second draft script of the original Star Wars. Those wishing to simply refresh their memory of the original before reading “Princess of Ondos” may do so here. This summary contains a few details invented by myself which serve to make sense out of the sketchy details present in the Lucas script. These invented but logical details served to make writing a sequel much easier. –Brendon Wahlberg


The Star Wars (George Lucas/edited by Brendon Wahlberg)

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The Adventures of The Starkiller
Episode One

by George Lucas
January 28, 1975

“…And in the time of greatest despair there shall come a savior,
and he shall be known as: THE SON OF THE SUNS.”
–Journal of the Whills, 3:127