Episode VII Speculation: Darth Vader Returns!?


There are always going to be rumors surrounding any Star Wars production. That’s a given, and that’s actually part of the fun. I’ve posted a lot of speculation on this site over the years, some of which actually came true; some, not so much. When it comes to Star Wars films, much of the speculation falls within the bounds of what we know or expect, but what would a new Star Wars film be without a few new twists and turns that no one has really thought about yet? That’s where the fun lies.

So let’s talk about Darth Vader for a minute, shall we?

Yes, I said Darth Vader. You can call him Anakin Skywalker if you want, but like it or not, he’s always going to have that Vader stigma attached to him.

I remember reading a rumor a while back that said Darth Vader might appear in Episode VII. This was probably the spawn of nothing more than a fan with an internet connection, but I remember saying to myself, “Good God! If they jump that shark, I’m off the Star Wars train for good. If they come up with some lame way to bring back Darth Vader… I’m done!”

Then I did a little more thinking and thought of something that blew my mind a little, and will maybe blow yours a bit. Who knows?

Let’s say they go with some generic “galaxy in peril” plot for this big “comeback” film (as I’m sure it’ll be marketed). You know the deal: big new threat/bad guy, lots of internal fighting, a galaxy divided and all that. Now let’s go with the whole idea of Luke leading a new generation of Jedi at some kind of school-type place, perhaps on Coruscant, even. Maybe he’s gone as far as to reinstate the Jedi Council.

So perhaps it’s up to him and his rag-tag team of Jedi upstarts to get out there and save the galaxy, once again. Sound good so far?

Let’s say it’s not so simple a task, however. These Jedi are not really ready. Maybe some of them are, but some definitely are not.  Maybe the Jedi as an Order are not back up to their previous numbers. Perhaps there’s still a looming threat in the air that the Jedi Order could be wiped out again. Luke cannot do everything alone and needs help or advice sometimes. But who does he have to turn to?

His Father, that’s who.  What?!

At the end of Return of the Jedi, who does Luke see as he stares off into the forest? Yoda, Obi-Wan and of course Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, all happy and smiling. Obi-Wan has been able to contact Luke already. Qui-Gon has been able to contact Yoda and, we assume, Obi-Wan (between the two existing trilogies). There’s no reason to believe that these force-ghosts can’t still come back and guide Luke when he’s in need years later. Perhaps he’s been talking to them all along?

Can you imagine a scene where Luke, desperate for help and guidance while trying to figure out how to conquer some as-yet-unknown enemy force, has a conversation with the late Darth Vader, his father?

Does Leia know about this? Would he keep secret the fact that he can talk to Vader?  Will Luke talk to Yoda and/or Obi-Wan as well? All sorts of story ideas start coming to mind.

Not only would this be a really interesting twist, allowing Anakin to redeem himself even further after his death, but it would also open the door to possible cameos by Hayden Christensen and Ewan McGregor. Lucasfilm and the writers may choose to ignore big sections of the Expanded Universe (for example, Chewbacca will probably still be alive) which I’m all for, but they will always try to keep connecting the films in any way they can to make it appear like it’s all one big saga in line with Lucas’ original vision, even if he’s changed a million things and re-written history a hundred times over since the 1970s.

Who else will they bring back? Qui-Gon? Mace Windu? The Emperor? If it’s done right, anything can work.

I really hope they go with a new, fresh approach on everything, though. Bringing every single character back is probably not the best move. I’ll admit that this whole “talking to ghost-Vader” thing has me pretty jazzed up, though!

What do you think of a scene where Luke Skywalker actually turns to Darth Vader for advice? Do you think they’ll actually do it? Would this blow your mind? Do you care? Will they replace Alec Guinness at the end of Return of the Jedi with a ghostly Ewan McGregor? Should I also be part of the writing team on this film?! ;D

Leave some comments and let’s talk!

7 thoughts to “Episode VII Speculation: Darth Vader Returns!?”

  1. It sounds plausable. I mean why not? I think it could create some conflict as well. Leia is probably going to b keeping a secret that Vader was her father. Luke speaking with him could cause a rift between thrn. I like to even see a bit of sibling rivarly of sorts. Not on a grand scale because these movies really arent completly about them. But anyway good thoughts.

  2. “Yoda will always be with you”. So said OB1 ; and presumably OB1, and by extension Anakin, and even Qui-Gon, will always be with Luke, too.
    And not improbable that Palpious could be resurrected, either as a ghost, or, more likely, in an accessed-diary type of narrative device.

    Got as much set up in our post-ROTJ fanfic at virtualedition.net. 🙂


  3. I believe, wholeheartedly that the whole ‘explosion deal’ of The Emperor falling to his doom, will be retconned into him leaving his body – only to manifest himself, maybe even overtaking some poor soul’s body to live on – ultimate evil indeed cheating death itself? Mark Hamill did say once, he thought Luke Skywalker would either die or himself fall to the Dark side, a la Kurosawa’s sometimes bleak samurai pictures..

  4. This could very easily happen. Sounds really fun if done well. With Kasdan in the writing process, I’m not worried a bit. When it comes to Star Wars for me, the sky’s the limit! May the Force Be With With Us All . . .

    Great Job T-Buddy. Really good read my friend. Always look forward to your thoughts.

  5. Literally everything people have mentioned has long been the case in the Starwars novels. Luke recieved counsel from many force spirits including his father… The emperor didn’t die in the reactor and he inhabits several clones of himself he had prepared before his ultimate demise. Luke falls to the dark side and is the emperors apprentice for a while, and eventually becomes one with the force…. Heck Han and Leias kid becomes a BA Sith Lord after saving the galaxy… Which he saves again as a Sith Lord before he allows his sister to kill him… Good ideas but they are all done already.

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