Han Solo and the Princess


The story of Leia and Han is a wonderful sub-plot and one of the greatest, most tenuous on-screen romances of all time. The Princess and The Pauper. Beauty and the Beast. Prom Queen and the Bad Boy. Call it what you want, it worked. Here are some of their lesser-seen moments as well as some other mentions of Han’s other love: The Millennium Falcon.


The original exchange between Han and Leia inside Echo Base was originally a bit longer.

Star Wars Episode V (Deleted Scenes) – Han and… by twenty24


944While hiding out on that floating city of love, Leia and Han shared a kiss that ended up on the cutting room floor. It takes place during the scene where Leia’s becoming very anxious about being there. In the novelization, this scene takes place before Chewbacca enters the room with a box full of Threepio. Here’s how it reads:

He moved closer and put his arm around her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. She gazed at him invitingly, and he moved to kiss her –

Then it cuts to Chewie’s howling entrance.

I also want to share this small report written by Greg Rossiter:

While listening to the [Empire Strikes Back – Special Edition] soundtrack, disc 2, track 9, I noticed there is some unused music from about 2:33 to 3:20 – some creepy strings and stuff, before going back to the music as heard in the film. Parts of it seem to just be deleted because they opted for silence in the film, but there’s too much material there overall (compared to the available screen time in the film) for that to explain everything. There might have been more footage there when Williams first scored it.

Star Wars Episode V (Deleted Scenes) – Han and… by twenty24

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Star Wars Episode V – (Deleted Scenes) Hiding… by twenty24



Han and Chewie seemed to be endlessly tinkering and tweaking the Millennium Falcon. Most times, this was out of necessity.

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