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As we get closer to the release of The Force Awakens, the marketing machine will steadily increase its output and you’ll see more and more Star Wars branded everything no matter where you go. Marketing has always been integral since the saga’s inception. No one really knew if the first film would be successful in 1977. Marketing efforts helped familiarize people with the foreign aspects of this new form of science fiction/space fantasy. Star Wars went into a cinematic hibernation from 1983 until 1999 with the prequel trilogy and most of us fans relived a second burst of marketing that dwarfed the initial runs. Perhaps the films didn’t live up to the hype they generated, but that’s another debate.

Now, after another decade long hiatus, the films are returning and there is no doubt that the marketing has had a positive effect on the buzz for this film. People who felt disappointed in the last batch of films are looking forward to this new film with vigor. It seems to have just about everything the fans could want – especially the return of the old characters. It’s a new take on the saga itself but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a risk.

Marketing helps lessen that risk by introducing new heroes and villains in such a way that we’re already familiar with them before we see the film. Magazines have always been at the core of the marketing campaigns and while the print world is slowly declining due to electronic media, these periodicals and special editions are still fun and satisfying, not to mention collectible.

This week, two new magazines will be available. I’ve been given review copies and have read through them. These are great for the every-fan to read and collect. You should check them out if you see them on the stands.

The Force Awakens Newsweek Special EditionFirst up is a killer Newsweek Special Edition with a cover by the always awesome artist, Tsuneo Sanda. If you follow Star Wars, you’ve seen his work before. Here are some of the details and you can click the photo to purchase a copy.

Take home all the legendary moments from the Star Wars universe with The Legacy that Led to The Force Awakens. Re-experience the thrills of Episodes I–VI with detailed timelines of the most important events in the Star Wars canon, in-depth character profiles on all of your favorites and comprehensive coverage of the iconic vehicles, weaponry and droids you love. You’ll also get the chance to meet some of the new arrivals featured in the hotly anticipated installation, The Force Awakens. Featuring 100 pages of action-packed photos and content, this Newsweek Special collector’s edition is a must-have for every Star Wars fan.

swce2015Then we have Official Lucasfilm Collector’s Edition – Journey to The Force Awakens which features the top 100 defining Star Wars moment and comes with two free posters. I believe this is put out in conjunction with Walmart but you can click the photo to grab your copy.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…is a phrase that has come to mean something amazing is about to unfold. As the entire universe awaits the upcoming Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, we look back on all the sights and sounds that make this saga iconic. This 100-page newsstand special is a Lucasfilm Official Collector’s Edition. Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens features 100 defining moments that have led us to Episode VII, plus two FREE Posters! This is one keepsake every aspiring Jedi must have.

Rumor has it that Topix media are working on yet another exclusive official magazine about The Force Awakens, which will hit stands along with the movie. Look out for that as well. If I get an advance copy or cover, I’ll add it here.

Get ready, folks. Star Wars mania is just awakening. Have you felt it?


I just received word that the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens—The Official Collector’s Edition is out and available now. This looks like something every fan is going to want to grab immediately.

collectorseditionLucasfilm proudly presents the official companion to the most anticipated movie in decades, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Featuring never-before-seen images and behind the scenes access as well as interviews with the cast and crew. Plus, re-experience the thrills of Episodes I–VI with detailed timelines, in-depth character profiles, iconic vehicles, weaponry and droids you’ve been looking for. With 100 pages of action-packed photos and content, this official Lucasfilm collector’s edition is a must-have for every Star Wars fan.


Now, get back to the theater and see the film again!

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