How Do You Celebrate May the 4th?


“May the 4th be with you.”

Say it out loud once or twice and you’ll either get it, or Star Wars is not really a big influence in your life.  If you’re like me, May the 4th is way more exciting than the other second tier holidays.

Sweetest day?  Presidents Day?  Earth Day?  International Talk Like a Pirate Day?  I’d rank May the 4th way above these… in fact, I’d put it in the realm of Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day.  You don’t get work off, but you celebrate with something a little cheesy, fun, or crazy.

So, HOW do you celebrate May the 4th?  I have some suggestions.  I’m probably going to do nearly all of them, but you can pick and choose.  If you really wanted to go all out, it could be like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and Memorial Day all rolled into one.  Dress up, give gifts, smooch a cute girl in a Twi’lek costume and remember those Star Wars people and things we have lost over the last year.  RIP Clone Wars and Lucasarts 🙁

  1. Quote Star Wars lines to anyone and everyone who will listen.  They are applicable in all situations.  Someone says they’ll try to make it to your Star Wars party?  “Do or do not, there is no try.”  Someone calls you an idiot?  “I find your lack of faith disturbing.”  They get angry?  “I can feel your anger.  It gives you focus, makes you stronger.”  *you may want to duck at some point.
  2. Send Star Wars e-cards, memes, and tweets.  Quotes are good for this as well. has even done some work for you, or you can always google it.
  3. Change your facebook picture to your favorite Star Wars character.  If you have photoshop skills this becomes even more fun.  While you’re at it, photoshop all your friends into Star Wars characters… they’ll thank you later.
  4. Lots of places have Star Wars related festivities.  Check your local libraries, restaurants, bars, comic book stores, etc.  I’m going to Star Wars Trivia at a local pizza place; Empire Pizza… you should not be surprised at this name.
  5. Check with your area 501st garrison.  I’m lucky enough to have one in my area.  Shout out to the Carolina Garrison!  If they aren’t doing something in your area… MOVE!
  6. Throw a party and serve Wookiee cookies, blue milk, or any creation you can come up with.  Cake is always good.  Other suggestions you say? Tie fritters?  Boba Fettucine?  Pizza the Hutt?  Why am I doing all the work?
  7. Watch the Star Wars movies for the 124th time.  If you don’t have all day, just watch this and this one too (PG-13).
  8. Finally, due to the alignment of the planets, May the 4th is also FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!  Go to your local comic book store and buy something.  Anything.  Support these hard working people or when you really need them they may not be there for you.

In all seriousness… go buy a comic and be a kid for the day.

Leave your thoughts and how you plan on celebrating in the comments section.


~kknight – is a lifelong Star Wars fanatic that is incredibly excited to be working with T-bone.  May the 4th be with you all!

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