Product Spotlight: Star Wars Socks from FootCardigan


socks3Let me just say this first. I’m not the kind of guy to get excited about socks. Hell, I don’t even like feet. If I could get rid of them, I would. They’re a necessary evil. When it comes to hosiery, I usually stick to the standard white socks and only in recent years have I adapted to the ankle high ones. It used to be tube, all the way.

The folks at FootCardigan contacted me and said, “Hey, T-bone. We want you to try these Star Wars socks out and let us know what you think.” So I figured, why not, even though they’re not white. I’m a sucker for Star Wars stuff that’s a little left of center. So a package arrived with some socks and I immediately distributed them around the house to my family and threw some on myself.

So what did we think? Like I said, I don’t get excited about things like socks or underwear or what have you. However, before these even made it to my feet, I found myself rubbing them on my cheek like some soccer mom in a fabric softener commercial. “Damn, these things feel good – and so soft,” I said to no one in particular. It was true, though. So imagine what happened when I finally put them on. Man, these things are made for comfort. I like cushy stuff that doesn’t feel like cotton balls and these things got it right. It’s like walking on thin little clouds. Very nice. So they feel great but how do they look?

I spent way too much time thinking about these socks. The most interesting thing, to me, is that while they are completely branded (and licensed), they don’t SCREAM Star Wars at first glance. In fact, one design consists of a bunch of lightsabers in a criss-cross pattern that a “normal” person would have to look closely at before realizing what they were. This is good if you work in an office, like me, and want to wear something a little on the geeky side without a million comments. The Vader heads on the second pair are a little more obvious, but hey – isn’t that the point? The third pair is X-Wing themed and even those need a second glance to figure out what’s going on. So while these are cool Star Wars socks, they’re not overly obnoxious and great for every day wear. If you’re trying to stand out, just wear some shorts and pull those suckers up to full height!

So what did the family think? My wife is [age undisclosed] and I have two kids, aged 15 and 10. Never before have I heard them talk more about socks. My daughter (10) is a dancer, so she’s all about feet and she couldn’t stop talking about how comfy and soft they were. She told me she thought the designs on them would be bumpy or itchy but she was totally wrong. They felt great to her. My wife (who usually rolls her eyes at anything Star Wars) went on about how nice they felt also. My son is 15. He doesn’t talk much. He did like the designs though (and if he didn’t like them, he would have said so. Teens are quick to complain.)

So look, take it from old T-bone. These socks are great looking, EXTREMELY comfortable, and well worth the price tag. I believe they’re a limited run so make sure you get them while you can.

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