The Battle of Naboo


The Battle of Naboo can be broken down into two categories: land battle and space battle. Both were occurring at the same time and were quite hectic. The information on this page, while most likely not complete, will cover some of the land and space scenes from Battle of Naboo plus some other surrounding events.


When our heroes return to Naboo after leaving Coruscant, there is only one Trade Federation battleship left in orbit. There were quite a few there when the blockade was in place.

The following lines of cut dialogue should answer that question. Why they were edited out, I can’t say.

The image is from the Episode I Comic Adaptation.

The Naboo Cruiser heads toward the lush green planet. There is only one Federation battle cruiser orbiting. OBI-WAN and CAPTAIN PANAKA spot it on the view screen.

The blockade’s gone.

The war’s over…
No need for it now.

There was originally a short scene directly after this where Anakin finally finds Padmé in the hold of the Queen’s ship while it is landing in the Naboo forest before the battle on Naboo. Anakin and Padmé exchange a few brief words. It’s nothing too exciting, but a cut scene is a cut scene.

Here the scene according to the Episode I Illustrated Screenplay and you can once again reference the same image from the Episode I Comic Adaptation:

The QUEEN, CAPTAIN PANAKA, TROOPS, and HANDMAIDENS get ready to disembark as the ship lands. The elevator door slides open, and ANAKIN emerges into the hold area. He sees PADMÉ and runs up to her.

Hi! Where have you been?

Annie! What are you doing here?

I’m with Qui-Gon…but…
they’re not going to let me be a Jedi.
I’m too old.

This is going to be dangerous, Annie.

Is it? I can help…
Where are we going?

To war, I’m afraid. The Queen has had to make
the most difficult decision of her life.
She doesn’t believe in fighting, Annie.
We are a peaceful people…

I want to help…
I’m glad you’re back.

ANAKIN smiles. PADMÉ smiles back.



Sabé, the Queen’s handmaiden, was originally not the only decoy in Episode I. The Queen’s ship, according to the Episode I Insider’s Guide CD-ROM, was also used as a decoy. Check out this passage from the CD-ROM:

In the revised third draft, the Queen’s starship actually lands directly in one of the Royal Palace’s courtyards. It is surrounded by battle droids and a tank. However, when droids led by a droid commando named 044 search the starship, they find nothing. Evidently, the Queen and her entourage abandoned the starship near Otoh Gunga, then programmed the autopilot to fly to the Royal Palace. Later, Nute reveals that the Trade Federation forces have located the “life pods” used by the Queen and her followers.

This is interesting stuff. Perhaps some of you might remember an Internet rumor from long before the film was released which I’ll dub the “Marie Celeste” rumor. According to sources on various fan websites, the Queen’s Nubian chrome ship was originally to be called the Marie Celeste. Someone then researched the name and found out that the Marie Celeste (AKA Mary Celeste) was actually an old sailing vessel whose crew had mysteriously disappeared in 1872 without a trace, leaving no indication as to why they left the ship. For more information on the old sea story, see

In the film the ship is never referred to by name, just make/model. There is evidence, however, in the shooting script that the ship was at one point referred to as the Marie Celeste. The scene described in the Insider’s Guide above is also in the shooting script and not only is Nute present in the scene but Darth Maul as well.  It’s listed as: Scene 141 EXT – Naboo Palace – Courtyard Plaza – Day

There is a good chance that this scene was shot being that it is in the shooting schedule. The pictures here from the Episode I Insider’s Guide CD-ROM are shots that may belong to this particular scene. Notice Darth Maul and the other Neimoidians.



Here are some nice photos of Ric Olié from the Episode I Insider’s Guide CD-ROM. I believe that this first photo falls sometime during the conception of Amidala’s plan to capture Nute Gunray. It appears to be Ric Olié in the greens of Naboo, awaiting his orders. The second shot is Olié at what appears to be Qui-Gon’s funeral. It’s kind of bright out, though. Perhaps they altered the light in post-production to make it appear as nighttime in the film. The last few pictures show him in the cockpit of his Naboo N1 fighter. The one where he’s giving the “thumbs up” sign is cool because I remember this as being one of the very first official still images released on Little did we know then that this shot would never make it into the film. Back then, everyone thought that was R2-D2 back there but we all know he went along with Anakin on his wild ride.



You might have been wondering how no one noticed Anakin flying around during the space battle. You could speculate that the readouts on the fighter’s panels display who’s in what ship but with the hasty departure and unorganized mess of this battle, who knows what’s going on?

Here’s something interesting. Anakin was referred to as “Rogue 2” in the shooting schedule. I think the “Rogue” distinction was probably meant to be taken literally and not a real reference to the famous “Rogue Squadron” which had yet to be born.

In fact, this short excerpt from the Episode I Insider’s Guide CD-ROM clarifies things:

When Ric Olié spots Anakin’s N-1 starfighter, he is unaware that the vehicle is piloted by the young boy. He identifies the starfighter as “Rogue Two” and orders Anakin to “form up.” When questioned about his identity, Anakin tells Ric that he is just “someone trying to help.”



There was originally another scene to take place in the Naboo Palace Throne room after the capture of Nute Gunray. Many Battle Droids are firing at the closed Throne Room door trying to get inside. This scene is still intact in the Episode I Novelization:

Blaster shots hammered into the door of the throne room in the palace at Theed. Captain Panaka and the Naboo soldiers spread out to either side in a defensive stance, preparing a crossfire for the droids. Nute Gunray wanted to move out of range, but the Queen was still facing him, her blaster leveled at his midsection, and he did not care to risk provoking her into a hasty action. So he stood there with the others of the Trade Council, frozen in place.
Then abruptly, everything went still. All sound of weapons fire and droid movement beyond the battered throne room doors ceased.

Captain Panaka looked at the Queen, his dark face uncertain. “What’s going on?” he asked worriedly.

Amidala, her weapon pointed at Nute Gunray, shook her head. “Try communications. Activate the viewscreens.”

Her head of security moved quickly to do so. All eyes were on him as he slowly brought the outer screens into focus.

As you can see here, Panaka brings up the viewscreens and then we cut over to the plains where the battle is taking place. The strange thing with the book is that it never cuts back to the throne room to see what happens. We go from the above scene, to the grassy plains and Jar Jar, and then that’s it. The book goes from there to three days later where Obi-Wan and Yoda speak of Anakin’s training.

I do believe, however, that there was originally another scene where Ric Olié reports to the Queen and informs her that the battle is over. My guess is that this is the scene right after Panaka brings up the viewscreens. Perhaps they see Ric on the monitor and he talks to them. While I’m not sure of the exact dialogue from this scene, there is a playing card from the Decipher CCG ‘Menace of Maul’ set (Bravo One is the card name) that has a quote from Ric Olié on it and he says, “Mission Accomplished, Your Highness.” My guess is that the quote is from this missing scene. I don’t think Decipher would make up lines like that. They might have had access to an earlier draft of the script with many of the cut scenes still intact. Some of the other cards in the CCG sets have similar quotes on them as well.



There probably many photos of cut shots and alternate angles from the scenes in the Naboo hangar. Here are just a few that I’ve come across.

The first shot is an alternate angle of the initial break-in by the Jedi and Amidala’s troops. The second shot is a random shot of some guards. Nothing too exciting but I don’t remember this exact angle in the film. The third picture is a bluescreen shot of Ric Olié and his buddies. Are they heading to their ships? Standing around between takes? I don’t know but even if it’s not from a cut scene, it’s a cool picture.

In fact, it could possibly be from a scene where the pilots are returning after the battle. There is something in the original screenplay that might go along with the picture though it’s hard to be sure without official word. You can make up your own mind, for now.

Here’s the excerpt from the Episode I Illustrated Screenplay:

ANAKIN and ARTOO follow the squad of yellw Naboo starfighters into the main hangar.

RIC OLIÉ and the OTHER PILOTS gather around as they exit their ships.

He flew into the hold, behind the deflector
shield and blasted the main reactor…

Amazing…they don’t teach
that at the academy.

ANAKIN’S ship skids to a stop behind the other Naboo starfighters. RIC OLIÉ, BRAVO TWO, the OTHER PILOTS and GROUND CREW rush to his ship.

We’re all accounted for.
Who flew that ship?

ANAKIN sheepishly opens the cockpit and stands up. All the PILOTS stare in amazement.

I’m not going to get in trouble, am I?

ARTOO beeps. Oh oh.



Here’s a small clip from the very first Episode I teaser trailer. Little did we know when we first saw this in the theaters that this small clip of the rotating Naboo N-1 fighter would never make it into the film. You can either download this clip or watch the trailer and look for it yourself. The trailer is on the DVD as well.

Click to download  Video clip of the rotating Naboo starfighter
Click to download Episode I Teaser Trailer


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