ThinkGeek – Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens Exclusives


ThinkGeek sent us a couple of fun EXCLUSIVE items from Star Wars: The Force Awakens that you can buy now at featuring the lovable new droid BB-8!!!

This little guy is sure to delight fans come December, so if I may… let’s ‘get the ball rolling’ and take a closer look at the cool new stuff!

The Star Wars BB-8 Throw Pillow

inlp_sw_bb-8_pillow (Small)So, who can say that they don’t want to see the new BB-8 droid in action in the The Force Awakens?  Of course you do, and now you can have him in your home with this adorable throw pillow.  PSX_20150924_121120 (Small)Mine sits waiting for me in my chair at my desk so that every morning I can see this cute little ball droid.

The pillow is 100% polyester and filled with polyester fibers and polyurethane foam.  It is about 15 inches tall, 4 1/4 inches deep and is fluffed up so it does take a little bit of a round shape.
The image is only on the front, but the colors are very good and it captures the spirit of what we’ve seen of him so far.  This is one of my favorite items now.  It’s very cool and I loved the design of this character from the first moment I saw it.

  • Dimensions: 15″ tall x 11 1/2″ wide x 4 1/4″ deep
  • Has a canvas-y feel
  • Care Instructions: Hand wash only

At $19.99 you can’t go wrong!


BB-8 Serving Platter

imvq_sw_bb-8_serving_platter (Small)Only Think Geek can come up with this stuff!  Look at the shape of this guy… doesn’t it just scream ‘Chips and Dip’?

This is the kind of thing that Think Geek was created for.  Get a Starship Enterprise Pizza Cutter, Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger, and BB-8 Serving platter.  This one is going to be my big reveal to friends when I end up having a Star Wars marathon sometime before December rolls around.

The platter is made out of unbreakable melamine, but is not dishwasher or microwave safe.  You wouldn’t want to harm this thing anyway with harsh environments.  It’s not just a regular dish… it’s a showpiece.  The color is great and seems very 3-dimensional with the way it is shaded and the fact that it is curved like a plate or platter to hold food.  Also, it comes in a cool window box that made me almost want to leave it in the package.

  • Dimensions: 10 3/4″ diameter on body + additional 6″ x 4″ on head
  • Weight: 13 oz.

BB-82imvq_sw_bb-8_serving_platter_inuse (Small)

This platter is also only $19.99.  If you want a BB-8 around… this one is quite excellent and at almost 11 inches in diameter, is also very practical.





Think Geek also has a Life Size BB-8 Plush Exclusive that is something to see.  I didn’t get my hands on one of these, but it is something to behold!!!   It’s 2 feet tall!!!

irgh_life_size_bb-8_plush_cuddle (Small)


ThinkGeek has no shortage of Star Wars (and other pop culture) items.
Head on over today and get yourself some stuff!


~kknight – is a lifelong Star Wars fanatic that is incredibly excited to be working with T-bone.  Now a proud BB-8 fan!  Can’t wait until December 17!!… (Real fans won’t wait until the 18th…I’ll be in line before midnight… you can count on it)

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