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If you know your  Star Wars history, you’re aware of the importance of Marcia Lucas. If you don’t, go do some research. Though George Lucas was the initiator of the universe we love so much, it would not exist as it does today without the influence of people like his ex-wife Marcia Lucas, Gary Kurtz, Ralph McQuarrie, and so many others who gave George Lucas the direction he needed at times, in order to produce one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. Marcia Lucas literally pieced together the first Star Wars film, along with her co-editors Richard Chew and Paul Hirsch, eventually landing each of them a well-deserved Academy Award in 1978. So when she speaks about Star Wars, it’s with authority and credence since she was there at its genesis and witnessed its formation from thin air to celluloid and beyond.

In what may be J. W. Rinzler’s (RIP) last book, Howard Kazanjian: A Producer’s Life, Marcia makes several appearances, including the foreword which she penned, and speaks candidly about her experiences and thoughts about the world of Star Wars after her divorce from George, and from Lucasfilm itself, you might say. These days, if anyone other than someone with her stature spoke these words, they’d be virtually beaten down and cast aside as a “toxic fan.” It’s interesting to note some of the similarities between what she says about the Disney era and what other fans have been saying for a long time now. Perhaps she’s validating all of their comments unknowingly.

In any case, it’s sometimes hard to argue with her. When I heard that Abrams was making The Force Awakens, I was a little worried. The man works so fast and is involved in so many projects. How could he possibly helm something so epic and give it his full attention? Why wasn’t he following the original outlines? Then came The Last Jedi, which I quite enjoyed. It took the universe in another direction and offered up hope for other films and spinoffs that had nothing to do with the current universe. Perhaps that kid at the end with the broom would just be the beginning. Maybe there were non-Skywalker, force sensitive characters out there with big, new stories to tell. But alas, somehow Abrams returned and we got The Rise of Skywalker which unfortunately felt very phoned in. It soon became clear to many fans that their beloved universe wasn’t being treated with the respect it deserved. Marcia clearly agrees with this notion.

What do you think?

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