ThinkGeek Product Reviews: Light-Up ChopSabers, R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set, Vader Stress Toy, and Moleskin Notebooks

Share is a glorious shopping site you’ve probably heard of before. They offer fully-licensed merchandise from geeky franchise favories like Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel, Game of Thrones, and of course Star Wars. Once in a while they send me a few items to check out and review on the site and I’m happy to oblige. Today’s bundle includes four items.

ThinkGeek Bundle #1


Light Up Lightsaber Chopsticks

Light-Up ChopSabersStar Wars has been releasing all kinds of merchandise since the 1970’s but I have to admit I didn’t see this coming. Either someone’s getting really creative and thinking outside the box, or they’re scraping the bottom of the barrel because they’ve made EVERYTHING by now. Whatever the case, these light-up chopsticks make for exciting eating accessories. They come in Jedi blue or Sith red and the handles are molded with Luke’s or Vader’s design. The clear sticks are removable for cleaning, should you choose to actually eat with them. Each stick uses four tiny batteries you insert in the slide-off handle. Once they’re in, just push the button and light up your Chicken Lo Mein. The general reaction I got when showing these to people was an immediate urge to duel with tiny lightsabers. So the cool thing about these guys is if you don’t want to eat with them, they’re still fun to play with!

Light-up Chopsabers at ThinkGeek


R2-D2 Measuring Cups

cupsOk, I admit I never saw these coming either. This set goes to show that you can turn ANYTHING into a Star Wars product. I was a little skeptical about this product so I did what any good man does and I gave it to my wife to check out. To my surprise, she had actually seen this product before and was excited when I gave it to her to use, which she did almost immediately. She liked it but did note that the little spoons tended to fall out when you removed a big section to use. Other than that, how can you go wrong with a measuring cup? Who wants one of those boring spoon sets when you can have the most famous robot of all time sitting on your kitchen counter? Nerdy parents who like to cook and want to get the kids involved will rejoice!

R2-D2 Measuring Cups at ThinkGeek


Darth Vader Stress Toy

Vader Stress HeadThere’s no escaping stress. Studies suggest that squishing Darth Vader’s head over and over will help reduce stress immensely. If you’re stressed out at work, pretend you’re a minion of the Empire and Darth Vader (your boss) is giving you a hard time. Then just squeeze away. There’s not much more to say about this little guy. Squeeze, enjoy, repeat.

Darth Vader Stress Toy at ThinkGeek


Star Wars Moleskin Notebook

moleskinSometimes when I’m walking around I come up with ideas. They might be things for a to-do list, song lyrics, writing/story ideas or just cool phrases I’ll do something with later, perhaps. I used to say to myself, “I’ll remember that later,” but never would. Then I started texting myself ideas but then finding them became an issue. Having a little notebook on my person is very cool for a retro guy like me. One day pens and pencils may become obsolete but we’re not there yet. Keep the dream alive with these great little notebooks embossed with a Star Wars quote on the cover. Mine also had a Han Solo quote on the inside plus a mini movie poster tucked away in the rear expandable inner pocket which now adorns my desk at work. There are two versions of this notebook: large and small. I was sent the smaller one which is great for me as it fits nicely in my pocket.

Star Wars Notebooks at Thinkgeek


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